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Prose is a written and spoken language form that does not make use of a metrical pattern or rhyme scheme.


A euphemism is an indirect expression used to replace that something that is deemed inappropriate or crude.

It takes two to tango

“It takes two to tango” is a popular English idiom that’s used to describe a task one person can’t do alone.


The term “quintain” is used to describe a stanza that has five lines. It is one of several stanza forms that a poet might choose from. 


Anaptyxis is the inclusion of one or more vowel sounds, especially at the beginning or the end of a word for the ease of pronunciation.


A catastrophe is a turning point in a story, usually a tragedy, in which something terrible happens to the main character/s.

Structure of Sonnets

A sonnet is a fourteen-line poem that usually makes use of the metrical pattern of iambic pentameter.


Bias is undue favor or support to a particular person, group, race, or one argument over another.


Mannerism is a hard-to-define term that’s loosely applied to literature and more commonly used in regard to visual arts. When it comes to poetry, it refers to elaborate, particularly clever, and highly poetic work.

On the fence

“On the fence” is an idiom. It’s used when someone wants to describe themselves or someone else as unable to make up their mind.

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