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It takes two to tango

“It takes two to tango” is a popular English idiom that’s used to describe a task one person can’t do alone.

Eye Rhyme

An eye rhyme is a literary device used in poetry. It occurs when two words are spelled the same or similarly but are pronounced differently.


Riddles are tricky phrases or questions that have double meanings and are usually challenging to solve or answer.


A parody is created based on an already existing work in order to make fun of it.


An undertone is the secondary tone or meaning of a literary work.

End Rhyme

An end rhyme is a common type of rhyme found in poetry. They occur when the last word of two or more lines rhyme.


Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent ideas or meanings. They are imbued with certain qualities often only interpretable through context.

Off one’s rocker

“Off one’s rocker” is used to describe someone who is acting differently or out of the ordinary in some important way.


The antimasque is a type of masque that occurs before the main masque and is usually presented to great contrast. 


An epigraph, in literature, is a phrase, quote, or any short piece of text that comes before a longer document (a poem, story, book, etc).

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