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A dilemma is a problem or conflict that has more than one possible solution. There are always important consequences one has to contend with.

Give someone the cold shoulder

To “give someone the cold shoulder” is an English-language idiom that’s used to describe one person ignoring or showing contempt for another.

Omniscient Narrator

An omniscient narrator knows what’s happening at all times, and all points, of the story.

Cavalier Poets

The Cavalier Poets were a group of writers from the 17th century in England. They are generally defined by their class, and the fact that they originated from that which supported Charles I during the English Civil War.


Enumeration is a rhetorical device that occurs when a writer chooses to list out items, events, ideas, or other parts of a story/setting.


A morpheme is the smallest meaningful part of any language. It might be a word, or it might be part of a word.

Miltonic Sonnet

The Miltonic Sonnet is one of the main sonnet forms and was popularized by the poet John Milton who was born in 1609 in London, England.


Impressionism in literature refers to stories dependent on a character’s subjective point of view. These stories are based around that character’s impressions of their experiences.

Curiosity killed the cat

“Curiosity killed the cat” is an English proverb. It describes the dangers of being too curious.


A kenning is a figure of speech in which two words are combined to form a new expression.

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