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An explication is a literary technique that’s used to create a close analysis. Usually, it’s related to the analysis of a portion of a text.

Sprung Rhythm

Sprung rhythm is a rhythmic pattern used in poetry that mimics natural speech. 


Prosody is the study of meter, rhyme, and the sound and pattern of words. It is used in prose but far more commonly in poetry.


A canto is a subsection of a long narrative or epic poem. It is made up of at least five lines but it normally much longer.


A novella is a prose, fiction work that’s shorter than a novel and longer than a short story. 


Ekphrastic is a type of poem that explores art. The poet engages with any type of visual art within their writing.


Pacing refers to the pace at which a story unfolds, or how fast or slow the plot elements come together.


Dialogue is a literary technique that is concerned with conversations held between two or more characters.

False Dichotomy

A false dichotomy is a choice between two options that’s delivered as though they are the only two possible options.

Non Sequitur

A non sequitur is a statement that asserts and concludes something that’s obviously absurd and false.

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