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A taste of your own medicine

“A taste of your own medicine” is an English idiom that’s used to describe one person’s desire for another to experience something negative.

What is a Poem?

A poem can be written down or spoken aloud. It is a collection of ideas and emotions in a creative way.

Omniscient Narrator

An omniscient narrator knows what’s happening at all times, and all points, of the story.


The rondel has two quatrains that are followed by a quintet, a set of five lines. The verse form has its origins in lyrical poetry of 14th-century France.


Genre is a type of art, literary work, or musical composition that is defined by its content, style, or a specific form to which it conforms.


A bestiary is a compendium of beasts that originated in the ancient world.


Fantasy is a literary genre that includes talking animals, magic, and other worlds. It includes plots that couldn’t take place in the real world.


Anthimeria, also known as antimeria, refers to the use of a word in a new grammatical form, such as changing nouns to verbs.


The term “angst” is usually described as a feeling of apprehension or anxiety about anything. It was first used by Kierkegaard in the 1800s.

Get something out of your system

“Get something out of your system” is used when someone wants to reveal something or get something off their mind that is bothering them. It could also be applied when someone needs to do something. 

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