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An apple a day keeps the doctor away

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” suggests that eating one apple everyday is going to prevent someone from having to go to the doctor.

Pulling my leg

“Pulling someone’s leg” is a humorous English idiom that refers to a joking comment made in order to trick or amuse another person.


Anacoluthon occurs when the writer changes the expected grammatical structure of a sentence and interrupts it with another sentence.


Procatalepsis occurs when the person speaking addresses another point of view before the opponent even speaks.

Repetition in Poetry

Repetition is an important poetic technique that sees writers reuse words, phrases, images, or structures multiple times within a poem.

It’s not rocket science

“It’s not rocket science” is a common English idiom that’s used to emphasize how simple something is, especially compared to rocket science. 

Old English

Old English is the earliest recorded version of the English language spoken in England and Scotland during the Middle ages.

In Memoriam Stanza

The “In Memoriam” stanza is a poetic form that originated with Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s long poem, ‘In Memoriam: A.H.H.’ 


Anagnorisis is the moment in a play, or other literary work, in which a character makes an important discovery.


Sesquipedalian is defined as the use of words that are overly long and have multiple syllables. Sometimes, they are neologisms.

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