About Poem Analysis

PoemAnalysis.com originated back in 2016 with the ambition to be the largest database of poetry analysis on the internet.

Since then, the website has grown from strength to strength, with a dedicated team of poetry experts analyzing poetry to continue adding to the database. In 2020, PoemAnalysis.com added a glossary, aimed at defining every literary term relating to poetry and English literature/language.


Origination of Poem Analysis

Poem Analysis was created in 2016 ans has a talented team of poetry experts analyzing poems of the past and present. The team genuinely love analysing poetry, and love conversing with the community in the comments section of articles too, so we welcome all comments! Our team are some of, if not the, best poetry experts out there:



As well as this, we wanted to contribute back to the world through partnering up with Alzheimer’s Research. Dementia is something that has impacted millions worldwide, including those that have contributed to Poem Analysis.

So every single person who browses Poem Analysis deserves a big thank you since it is directly because of your browsing of the site that helps us contribute to such a charity.


The Future of Poem Analysis

The future looks exciting for Poem Analysis. We have many incredible ideas we are working on behind the scenes to make the content better, the website better, and improve the overall experience of understanding poetry from around the world. Stay tuned!

  • Avatar John Welford says:

    In comparing my own blog of poetry analyses with your database, I am surprised at how many poets and poems are missing. I could fill a number of your gaps!

    • Lee-James Bovey Lee-James Bovey says:

      I mean we have analysed more than 3000 poems! However, there have been a lot of poems written throughout history! If you are interested in writing for us drop us a message here: https://poemanalysis.com/contact/

  • Avatar James G says:

    Hi, Just wondering if I need to cite your page if answering a written question for class?

    • Lee-James Bovey Lee-James Bovey says:

      Your best bet is to ask your teacher/lecturer. If you are unsure always err on the side of caution.

  • Avatar Ken says:

    When was the poem, The Sea is History by Walcott last updated?

    • Lee-James Bovey Lee-James Bovey says:

      October 2020

  • Avatar Garrett says:

    Hey! I just wanted to let you know that there are a few typos on this “about” page.

    • Lee-James Bovey Lee-James Bovey says:

      Thank you – these have been amended.

  • Avatar Bharath krishna v p says:

    It’s such a good site really effective than a printouts and guides . Sending you love and respect

    • Lee-James Bovey Lee-James Bovey says:

      Thank you. I like to think it is a good resource.

  • Avatar Htoomyat Naing says:

    I love this website! I’m not obliged to “study” any poem as a coursework material. I’m just an Asian-American high school graduate preparing for college and trying to read more poetry in free time. I never formally studied English poetry but enjoy reading the untangled hidden meanings behind beautiful poems. I really appreciate your team’s efforts and I encourage you to spread the love of poetry by analyzing more poems.

    • Lee-James Bovey Lee-James Bovey says:

      That’s really cool. What a fab way to spend your free time! Glad you like the site.

  • Avatar malasia williams says:

    when was the analysis updated for the poem “hour” by carol ann duffy

  • Avatar Siddhant Kumar says:

    With sites like these. The good spirit of the internet carries on! Thank-you for your dedication and hard-work.

    • Lee-James Bovey Lee-James Bovey says:

      Thank you for your kind words -we do try.

  • Avatar Owino says:

    Nice job Mr. Green

    • Emma Baldwin Emma Baldwin says:

      We’re glad we could help, Owino!

  • Avatar Rahul Sundram says:

    awesome site and fabulous analysis

    • Lee-James Bovey Lee-James Bovey says:

      Thank you for your kind words.

  • Avatar Muhammad Sulaiman Ab says:


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