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Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity

William Wordsworth

Hello, my friend. My name is Will, and along with an incredibly talented team of poetry experts, created the home of poetry online, Poem Analysis.

Poetry is truly incredible! It can evoke emotions, memories, feelings, thoughts that can linger for years to come. We all have that one poem that sticks in our heads to help us through life. For me, this is Invictus‘ by William Ernest Henley. Comment below what yours is!


Origins of Poem Analysis

Poem Analysis was created in 2016, to become the largest website on poetry. After studying poetry during my educational career, it was clear there were simply not enough resources and appreciation for poetry online.

  1. Lots of people seem to struggle to fully understand poetry
  2. There was an intrinsic scarcity of poetry online, especially in diving deep into appreciating poetry

Poem Analysis was born. We want to share our love and appreciation of poetry with you as much as we can! This has helped contribute to a database of poetry with 3,491 poems analyzed from 831 different poets, and 458 literary terms explained!


Why we are the best at what we do

Poetry is something that can benefit everyone: from education to pleasure, to even entertainment. Poem Analysis is a website that aims at analyzing, summarizing, and diving into every poem that has ever been made, from the past and present.

This is a huge undertaking as a mission statement – Poem Analysis, for this reason, has an incredible team of talented qualified poetry experts, that love doing just this, genuinely, especially when we know you are benefitting from this one way or another! We love poetry and we certainly love analyzing poetry. Meet the amazing team:


Why we love what we do

We don’t just want to help you understand and appreciate poetry, in an easy-to-read way. We also love helping you find poems that we think you can enjoy too. This could be from exploring the best poems, best poets, or even subscribing to our email newsletter, to get the best secrets behind poetry (but shh, don’t tell anybody)!

We love what we do, because we know we are helping poetry have a positive impact on your life. Comments like the following encapsulate the raw beauty of poetry on people:

When I was young and in the USAF during Vietnam I worked in the area of Aeromedical Evacuation. I worked long hours under extreme conditions but when it was time for takeoff or landing I was in my crew seat. I spent that time in different ways. Sometimes I would try to calculate in my head the speed of the plane by watching the runway markers every thousand feet and time on my watch. One day when I was not working but on crew rest, I found a book in the Salvation Army Store. That was the best dime I ever spent. The book was entitled “Old English Poets” and became my focus during takeoffs and landings. My favorite poem was this one. I had two other favorites, “Oh Margaret” also by Hopkins and “When I was one and twenty” by A.E. Housman.

I memorized those poems and managed to keep my book with me for reference over the next 30 years or so before it became lost because of life and time. Now, this morning I was trying to recite it to myself and I had lost a line or two. That led me to the computer and this site, for which I am grateful. Well done.

Life is so short and at times can be brutal. I find at my age, state of health and state of loneliness that remembering those old poems and the old friends who wrote them improves my spirit. Thank you so much.

Michael Butt MD., Ret.

4:30pm 18 April 2018
(read poem here)

Isn’t this just beautiful, knowing that poetry can have such a strong impact. Understanding poetry could be for school/university and education, or simply for yourself. It could even be for others to show how you feel, or to help cope with emotions, life events, relationships, and much much more. Whatever it is, we are glad we were able to help.


You’re helping us help others

We also want you to feel proud for browsing Poem Analysis. This is why we have teamed up with Alzheimer’s Research to contribute to the efforts to help defeat dementiaEvery single person that visits Poem Analysis makes this achievable, so thank you.

From members of the team having to see the heartfelt consequences of dementia, first-hand, within their families, we felt it was only right that we try to help defeat the disease that sadly contributes to the deterioration of memories and livelihoods.


What you should do next – Enjoy Poem Analysis

So where does this leave you? Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter and browse the site. We are always adding poetry to our database so you are sure to find something that you will enjoy or find extremely useful reading! Here are some good starters for you to explore:

Lastly, if you’ve made it this far, here’s a great quote from Rita Dove to conclude your mini-journey into Poem Analysis.

Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful


from Will and your friends at Poem Analysis


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  • Address: International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN, United Kingdom
  • Email: support@poemanalysis.com
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