The Story Behind Creating Poem Analysis

The story behind how was created is something I feel a lot of people could take advantage of.

My name is William Green and, in short, I created The story behind how the website was created is definitely an interesting read which, if you continue to the end, could potentially change our life.


My Background

I am a student studying a Masters degree in Automotive Engineering with Motorsport. However, as much as I could dive into the realms cars and motorsport, it is pretty irrelevant for how was created!

When it came to revising for exams, such as GCSEs, A Levels, and even University exams, I thought it would be more beneficial to myself and others to publish all of my revision notes onto a website (like the saying goes, the best way to learn is to teach). was created and became a haven for students, similar to myself, to help them revise for exams, with very detailed and specific revision material.

What I found from AskWillOnline was the fact that many people enjoyed reading the poetry analysis I had of the poems on the English Literature syllabus. I was inundated with requests to analyse more poems. However, as a student studying a degree in Automotive Engineering with Motorsport, as well as finding the time to also publish my own book, I simply did not have the time to analyse the poems people were requesting for me to analyse.

What if I could make a website completely dedicated to analysing poetry, from the past and present, by a talented team with expertise in English literature?

This is exactly what is. In essence, is a continuation of, with the complete emphasis on analysing poetry.


How did I fund a website as big as

Paying people for a theme for the website, hiring team of poetry experts, getting the right domain name and paying for hosting servers costs a lot of money. I don’t mind being transparent with the fact that the domain name ‘’, alone, cost me £1,500! On top of that, it is hundreds of pounds a year to pay for the hosting of the website as well as paying freelancers every week to analyse poetry, which is in the hundreds of pounds too. As of June 2017, the website has cost me £8,000 since it started back in November 2015. That is on average £444 per month (June 2017).

Considering that this whole time I have been a still am a student, you will straight away think it is a miracle that I self-funded this website completely by myself. However, it isn’t. The website has been and is continually funded through matched betting.


What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting, with the aid of OddsMonkey (a matched betting service to help customers matched bet), takes advantage of the bonuses and free bets bookmakers offer customers so that, regardless of the outcome of a result, a profit is made on every bonus or free bet the customer receives. I was introduced to it back in September 2015 and have been doing it ever since. To give you an idea of how much it has helped me, since October 2015, I have made over £11,500 through matched betting – that’s the equivalent of, on average, £605 per month, tax-free.

I was making so much money that I was actually covering the cost of running and still had money left over. With this, the first person I wanted to get onboard the ‘matched betting wagon’ was my father, who straight away was very sceptic (as any father would be)! This was understandable, since 99.99% of the ways of making money quickly and fast tend online to be ‘too good to be true’. However, I spoke to him, explained to him how matched betting worked and so he gave matched betting and OddsMonkey a go as a free trial. That was roughly a year ago and he still has that same subscription to the matched betting service, OddsMonkey, which aids in making him hundreds of pounds a month. What he said he likes about matched betting is the fact that it is flexible to his life (and anyone’s life, for that matter). The more time you put into matched betting, the more money you will make. You choose the hours you want to do matched betting when, where and how often.

For him, a few hours a week was enough for him to fund buying the parts he needed to restore his beloved classic car, aTrimuph Stag. He often said ‘why would I spend a few hours trying to sell something on eBay for £20 when in the same time, I could matched bet and make double, if not, treble that?’

That is the thing with matched betting. If you try to match bet without support, it will be time-consuming to find the offers from various bookmakers. It will be hard finding the right markets and sports to bet on. You haven’t got the support of experts that have been matched betting for years. This is why it is an absolute necessity, like I did and my father did, to match bet with a website like OddsMonkey.


OddsMonkey as a Matched Betting Website

OddsMonkey contains everything you need to know about how to matched bet, with video tutorials, guides, betting software, one-to-one support and a whole team of dedicated experts to help make sure that you make money with matched betting. It is really the best way to matched bet and will help you profit even further with the bonus offers and free bets bookmakers continually promote to get punters to bet. After matched betting for a few years, OddsMonkey is by far the best matched betting website service to go for.


Final Thoughts

So, all in all, it’s quite a unique story of how came about. I had a vision based on and achieved that vision through the funding of matched betting. Whether or not you have a vision, have a classic car you want to restore or just want some extra cash to spend how you like, I can honestly say, after studying a degree full-time, publishing a 100+ page book, creating a poetry analysis website and more that there is always time to use OddsMonkey to profit from matched betting. If you want to give OddsMonkey and matched betting a go, you can do so by signing up for free below to get access to making up to £45.

I remember when I was first introduced to the idea of matched betting. I was at an athletics track near Coventry, England, and a lady, who trained with me, said ‘Will, you’re savvy. I think you would be interested in matched betting…’. I’ll never forget that day and I hope that one day, you will look back at this ‘About’ page, as I look back at that conversation I had at the athletics track, as the moment that opened you up to the wonderful world of making money through matched betting.




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