Agha Shahid Ali

Agha Shahid Ali was a Kashmiri American Muslim who wrote nine poetry collections and a book of literary criticism. He worked on several important translations, such as a collection of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry. Rooms Are Never Finished, published a year before his death in 2002, was a finalist for the National Book Award. His work is noted for its blending of cultural influences and his use of traditional and modern forms of verse. 

A Pastoral

‘A Pastoral’ by Agha Shahid Ali is a moving poem. In it, the poet reflects his love for Kashmir and his affection for his motherland.


‘Backdrop’ by Agha Shahid Ali is a thoughtful poem that speaks about the Arabic language. It also reflects on the speaker’s connection to his ancestors.

The Correspondent

‘The Correspondent’ by Agha Shahid Ali reveals the terrifying state of two countries – Kashmir and Bosnia. Both countries are facing a terrible situation in which innocents lose their lives.

The Floating Post Office By Agha Shahid Ali

‘The Floating Post Office’ by Agha Shahid Ali describes the terrifying state of Kashmir. It depicts a floating post office that carries terrifying messages of destruction and death.

The Ghazal ‘By Exiles’

‘The Ghazal ‘By Exiles”’ by Agha Shahid Ali is a painful piece of poetry. In it, the poet reveals how hard it is to leave the place where one spent one’s golden times.

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