Akka Mahadevi Poems

Akka Mahadevi is an early poet of Kannada literature in the 12th century. She wrote 430 extant Vachana poems and two pieces titled Mantrogopya and the Yogangatrividhi which are important contributions to the genre. “Akka” is a honorific meaning “elder Sister” and was given to her as an indication of her high spiritual ranking. Her poems make use of adulterous imagery in her depiction of her love with Shiva, a principle deity of Hinduism. Other interesting works are noted for her depiction of herself as feminine and masculine. 

Don’t Despise Me

by Akka Mahadevi

‘Don’t Despise Me’ by Akka Mahadevi is a plea to the listener. It showcases the poet’s devotion and adherence to her faith.

I Have Fallen in Love

by Akka Mahadevi

‘I Have Fallen in Love’ by Akka Mahadevi expresses the poet’s faith with incredible honesty. She uses powerful images and metaphors to speak of religion and love.

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