Alexander Anderson Poems

Alexander Anderson, the Scottish poet, is known for his captivating poems that reflect the beauty of nature and the struggles of the working class. Born in 1845 in Kirkconnel, Dumfriesshire, Anderson experienced poverty and hardship throughout his life, working as a coal miner and iron moulder. Despite these challenges, he displayed a remarkable talent for poetry and gained recognition as the “Surfaceman Poet” due to his profession.

Anderson’s poems resonate with a sense of authenticity and heartfelt emotion. His works often depict the rugged landscapes of Scotland and celebrate the lives of ordinary people, giving voice to their struggles, aspirations, and dreams. Through his poetic expressions, Anderson captured the essence of the working-class experience, highlighting the resilience, dignity, and indomitable spirit of those facing adversity.

Cuddle Doon

by Alexander Anderson

‘Cuddle Doon’ by Alexander Anderson is a poem about a mother trying to persuade her children to go to sleep. It uses Scots dialect to convey the culture of the speaker and her family.

Alexander Anderson was a Scottish poet who lived from 1845 to 1909. Born in Kirkconnel, Anderson published several volumes of poetry over the course of his life. 'Cuddle Doon' is widely listed as his most famous works. It demonstrates his skill with language and his use of the Scots dialect.

The bairnies cuddle doon at nicht

Wi muckle faught and din.

“Oh try an’ sleep, ye waukrife rogues,

Your faither’s comin’ in.”

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