Alexander Pushkin Poems

Alexander Pushkin is Russia’s best-known and most widely-read poet. He was born in 1799 in Moscow and died after falling into debt and scandal in 1836. Poems such as ‘The Bronze Horseman’ and ‘The Stone Guest’ are his best. His works are often described as the best examples of Romanticism in Russian literature, despite his not being known as a Romantic during his lifetime. 

I Loved You

by Alexander Pushkin

‘I Loved You’ by Alexander Pushkin is a simple but effective poem in which the speaker expresses his devotion and respect for a woman he loved.

Alexander Pushkin's poetry is characterized by its lyrical beauty, emotional depth, and keen insight into the human experience. 'I Loved You' exemplifies his ability to capture the complexities of love, both its joys and sorrows, in a concise and heartfelt manner. As a prominent figure in 19th century poetry, Pushkin's works reflect the Romantic era's exploration of intense emotions and personal introspection.

I loved you: yet the love, maybe,

Has not extinguished in my heart;

But hence may not it trouble thee;

I do not want to make you sad.

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