Ali Alizadeh Poems

Ali Alizadeh was born in Tehran, Iran in 1976. His first pieces of writing were released when he was thirteen years old, winning him a young adults award. He immigrated along with his family to Queensland, Australia soon after and he went to high school among classmates he described as discriminatory.

Alizadeh’s works have been published in forty literary journals and several books including Fifty Poems in Attar, Iran: My Grandmother, Ashes in the Air, and Transactions. 


by Ali Alizadeh

‘Immigration’ by Ali Alizadeh is a captivating look at the positives, negatives, and the emotional and mental toll that immigration takes. 

Ali Alizadeh is a contemporary poet known for his thought-provoking and introspective works. Through this poem, Alizadeh explores themes of identity, immigration, and societal issues, offering poignant reflections on the human experience. 'Immigration' is a prime example of his evocative style and ability to capture the complexities of emotions and social dynamics.

I’ll tell you why.

To survive

the onslaught of religion.

To outlive

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