Alice Meynell Poems

Alice Meynell was a British writer, suffragist, critic, and editor. She was born in 1847 and passed away in 1922. Today, she is primarily remembered for her poetry. Her works include The Rhythm of Life and Other Essays and Later Poems.

November Blue

by Alice Meynell

‘November Blue’ by Alice Meynell draws attention to the weather in November and what people do to make up for it.

Alice Meynell was a British writer and suffragist. She was known for writing poems about feminism. She also expressed her thoughts about WWI. ‘November Blue’ is not the typical Alice Meynell type of topic, but it is well executed nonetheless. She has significantly better-known poems than this one.

O, Heavenly colour! London town

Has blurred it from her skies;

And hooded in an earthly brown,

Unheaven'd the city lies.


by Alice Meynell

‘Renouncement’ by Alice Meynell is a passionate poem in which the speaker fights to fend off thoughts of the person she loves. She refuses to allow herself to think about this person during the day.

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