Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson Poems

Alice Moor Dunbar-Nelson was a poet also known for her work as an essayist and activist. She was born in Louisiana to a family with Native American, Creole, and African American origins. Race and gender played a large role in her poetic works. Her first collection was published in 1895, titled Violets and Other Tales. Unfortunately, a great deal of her work was rejected by publishers due to its subject matter, meaning that most of the public was unaware of her work during her lifetime. Read more about Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson.

The Lights at Carney’s Point

by Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson

‘The Lights at Carney’s Point’ explores the transformative nature of light, shifting from serenity to darkness, and ultimately finding peace and acceptance.

This poem showcases Nelson-Dunbar's ability to vividly depict scenes and atmospheres through rich imagery and figurative language. The poem explores contrasts, such as peace and turmoil, darkness and light, and the transformative power of nature. These themes, along with her use of personification and strong visual descriptions, are elements often found in her poetry. 'The Lights at Carney's Point' provides a glimpse into Alice Moore Nelson-Dunbar's ability to evoke emotions, create imagery, and explore deeper meanings through her poetry.

O white little lights at Carney’s Point,

You shine so clear o’er the Delaware;

When the moon rides high in the silver sky,

Then you gleam, white gems on the Delaware.

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