Amy Lowell

Amy Lowell was a poet, performer, and translator who was devoted to modern poetry during her lifetime. Her career lasted for only around 12 years, but she wrote more than 650 poems. Today, she’s remembered for her attempts to “awaken” American readers to the beauties of contemporary poetry. 


Amy Lowell’s ‘Chinoiseries’ is an ekphrastic poem depicting the engravings on chinoiserie pottery. Lowell’s speaker gets lost in the art as if it is the eyes of her loved one.

Chinoiseries by Amy Lowell Visual Representation

Fool’s Money Bags

‘Fool’s Money Bags’ is an interesting poem that touches on love and devotion towards the wrong people and things. Read Amy Lowell’s poem, along with a deep dive analysis.

Fool's Money Bags by Amy Lowell Visual Representation

To an Early Daffodil

‘To an Early Daffodil’ by Amy Lowell contains a depiction of the beauty and strength of a single blooming daffodil.