Anita Nair Poems

Anita Nair is an Indian writer who lives in Bangalore. Her first book, Satyr of the Subway, is a collection of short stories. Her novels include The Better Man and Ladies Coupé and her poetry collections include Malabar Mind. She has won many awards, such as the 2008 FLO FICCI Women Achievers Award, for literature.

Hello Lust

by Anita Nair

Hello Lust is about lust and the nature of the emotion. It is filled with glorious metaphors that really dig

The Face Mask

by Anita Nair

This thirteen lines poem, The Face Mask, is divided into two parts. The first one talks about the fashionable form of

The Last Rites

by Anita Nair

The Last Rites may well be autobiographical and describes the feelings and emotions of the narrator who loses their Grandmother.

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