Anne Brontë Poems

Anne Brontë is one of the three Brontë sisters. She is best remembered for her novels, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Agnes Grey. She is less well-known than her two sisters, but she was also an accomplished poet, writing pieces like ‘Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day.’ 

The Captive Dove

by Anne Brontë

‘The Captive Dove’ by Anne Brontë is a powerful example of her verse that reminds readers that all living things desire freedom.

The poem reflects Anne Brontë's deep empathy for the oppressed and the marginalized. It is a testament to her poetic talent and ability to empathize with the natural world.

Poor restless dove, I pity thee;

And when I hear thy plaintive moan,

I mourn for thy captivity,

And in thy woes forget mine own.

Domestic Peace

by Anne Brontë

‘Domestic Peace’ laments a transformed household, contrasting external calm with internal desolation, emphasizing the profound impact of emotional connections.

This poem offers a representative glimpse into Anne Brontë's thematic and stylistic tendencies. Her poems often explore emotions, relationships, and inner turmoil, and this poem aligns with those themes. The contrast between external appearances and internal emotions, along with the use of imagery and symbolic elements, mirrors her approach in other works. While it captures her focus on introspection and emotional landscapes, her broader repertoire also includes social critique and religious themes not fully encapsulated in this single poem.

Why should such gloomy silence reign;

And why is all the house so drear,

When neither danger, sickness, pain,

Nor death, nor want have entered here?

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My God! O Let Me Call Thee Mine!

by Anne Brontë

‘My God! O Let Me Call Thee Mine!’ by Anne Brontë is a prayer that takes the form of a poem. In it, the speaker makes their requests known to God, while reverencing him.

The Penitent

by Anne Brontë

‘The Penitent’ by Anne Brontë is a religious poem about repentant souls. The poem portrays its subject’s pursuit of salvation while encouraging them to hold onto their newfound faith.

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