Annette Wynne Poems

Annette Wynne was an American poet who specialized in children’s poetry. Her best-known collections are For Days and Days: A Year Round Treasury of Child Verse and Treasure Things. They were published in 1919 and 1922 respectively. 

What Though the Dark Come Down

by Annette Wynne

‘What Though the Dark Come Down’ by Annette Wynne is a powerful, four-stanza poem that explores the power, or lack thereof, darkness holds. 

Among Annette Wynne's poems, this piece is one of her best. It uses fairly straightforward language but it is still quite poetic, allowing for a great deal to be read into the text.

What though the dark come down,

What though the shadows fall,

What though the dark come on the sea,

And the ships and the hills and all?

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A Butterfly Talks

by Annette Wynne

‘A Butterfly Talks’ is a children’s poem written by the American poet Annette Wynne. In this short poem, the poet emphasizes the splendor of simple things in nature.

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