AQA AS English Literature B (7716) Poems Analysed

For those that are studying English Literature B (7716) at AS level on the AQA board of examiners, here is a list of the poems from their specification analysed. This includes both a selection of poems from Thomas Hardy, John Keats, John Betjeman, Geoffrey Chaucer, as well as the Tragedy and Comedy list, found in the AQA English Literature B Poetry Anthology. Please feel free to skip to and read the analysis of the poem most relevant to you. If you want a poem to be analysed that you cannot find on the site too, please feel free to contact us.


AQA AS Level English Literature B (7716) Poems Analysed

Aspects of Tragedy

Thomas Hardy

  • A Sunday Morning Tragedy
  • At an Inn
  • Tess’s Lament
  • Under the Waterfall
  • Lament
  • Rain on a Grave
  • Your Last Drive
  • The Going
  • The Haunter
  • At Castle Boterel
  • A Trampwoman’s Tragedy
  • The Frozen Greenhouse
  • The Forbidden Banns
  • The Mock Wife
  • The Flower’s Tragedy
  • After a Journey
  • The Newcomer’s Wife


John Keats


Tragedy (from AQA English Litearature B Poetry Anthology)


Aspects of Comedy

John Betjeman

  • The Arrest of Oscar Wilde at the Cadogan Hotel
  • Upper Lambourne
  • In Westminster Abbey
  • A Subaltern’s Love Song
  • Christmas
  • The Licorice Fields at Pontefract
  • Senex
  • Diary of a Church Mouse
  • An Edwardian Sunday, Broomhill, Sheffield
  • Slough
  • On a Portrait of a Deaf Man
  • Ireland with Emily
  • The Village Inn
  • Hunter Trials
  • Lenten Thoughts of a High Anglican
  • Executive
  • Advertising Pays
  • Late – Flowering Lust


Geoffrey Chaucer

  • The Nun’s Priest’s Tale (including Prologue and Epilogue)


Comedy (from AQA English Litearature B Poetry Anthology)

  • The Flea by John Donne
  • Tam o’ Shanter by Robert Burns
  • A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General by Jonathan Swift
  • Sunny Prestatyn by Philip Larkin
  • Mrs Sisyphus by Carol Ann Duffy
  • Not My Best Side by U.A. Fanthorpe
  • My Rival’s House by Liz Lochhead

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