Arthur Yap Poems

Arthur Yap was a Singaporean poet born in 1943 and died in 2006. His poetry is marked by linguistic experimentation and playfulness that explores the languages of Singapore and the English language. His first collection, Only Lines, was published in 1971. His final collection, Down the Line, was published posthumously in 2015. 

an afternoon nap

by Arthur Yap

‘an afternoon nap’ by Arthur Yap explores the lacunae in the modern education system and how it results in anxiety and stress in students.

One of the important poems of Arthur Yap in which the poet reveals how a child's well-being is sacrificed for the craze of good academic grades.

the ambitious mother across the road

is at it again. proclaming her goodness

she beats the boy. shouting out his wrongs, with raps

she begins with his mediocre report-book grades.


by Arthur Yap

‘Location’ by Arthur Yap is a two stanza free verse poem about a person who is stuck in a rooted and stationary mundane routine that he wishes to escape.

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