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Allisa Corfman

Allisa graduated with a degree in Secondary Education and English and taught World Literature and Composition at the high school level. She has always enjoyed writing, reading, and analysing literature.

As Imperceptibly as Grief

‘As imperceptibly as grief’ by Emily Dickinson analyzes grief. The poet compares it to the passing away of the summer.

A Wife in London

This poem, ‘A Wife in London’, by Thomas hardy has a unique way of presenting a tragedy. The words are light

Fears in Solitude

‘Fears in Solitude’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a historically significant poem in which the speaker discusses the threats his country is facing. He has no desire to be the enemy of his country, but he does need to stand up for what he believes in.

When Great Trees Fall

‘When Great Trees Fall’ by Maya Angelou speaks about loss as a tragic yet inevitable part of the human experience. When it strikes, it leaves despair and misery in its path.

In Praise of Creation

The speaker of this poem, ‘In Praise of Creation’, is in awe of creation. That much is quite obvious. However,

Song for a Birth or for a Death

Jennings explores interesting themes with this poem, ‘Song for a Birth or for a Death’. Literary critics, humanitarians, and people

To an Unborn Pauper Child

In ‘To an Unborn Pauper Child’ by Thomas Hardy, the speaker addresses an unborn child in a way that allows

Two Deaths

In this poem, ‘Two Deaths, Jennings communicates the profound effect that two separate events had on her. In the same two

Death, be not Proud (Holy Sonnet 10)

‘Death, be not Proud’ by John Donne is one of the poet’s best poems about death. It tells the listener not to fear Death as he keeps morally corrupt company and only leads to Heaven.

Strange Fruit

‘Strange Fruit’ is a heart-wrenching song penned by Abel Meeropol and Billie Holiiday. It reveals the tragic nature of some of the darkest times in American history.


This poem, Grief, by Carol Ann Duffy reveals the author’s deep sense of understanding of grief. Sorrow, a universal feeling that

Her First Week

The poem, ‘Her First Week’, inparticularly reveals both sides of motherhood and the many facets of feeling and emotions that come along with having a baby.

l(a (A Leaf Falls with Loneliness)

This poem, ‘l(a, A Leaf Falls with Loneliness’, remains one of the Cumming’s most fascinating. After decades it still captivates its readers

Hurricane Hits England

‘Hurricane Hits England’ is a fascinating poem that appears, initially to be about a hurricane, but ends up giving more

The Class Game

In this fascinating poem, ‘The Class Game’, the speaker challenges her audience to ponder the game they are playing. This

My Father Would Not Show Us

With this poem, ‘My Father Would Not Show Us’, the speaker reveals the effects of losing her father. Since she


This poem, ‘Catrin’, displays the love and turmoil in the parent-child relationship. This particular poem centers around a conflict that

War Photographer

‘War Photographer’ by Carole Satyamurti centers around the tragic, comparing poverty to leisure. The poet, Carole Satyamurti, is known for


‘Follower’ has many of the aspects which characterize the poems of Seamus Heaney. Having grown up in an area of Northern Ireland that greatly valued family, hard work, and farming, Heaney’s poems often reflect all of these values at once.

Walking Away

Parents everywhere can relate to this poem, Walking Away, by Cecil Day-Lewis. Here, the speaker is a parent who thinks

Where the Picnic Was

Most of Thomas Hardy’s poetry is riveted with loss. It is clear from his poetry that he experienced loss and


With this the feeling of loss through the scenery around her. Readers can connect with this poem ‘Absence’ because most

One Flesh

In this poem, One Flesh, Elizabeth Jennings uses the speaker, who seems to be a child, or at least young

I Started Early – Took my Dog

‘I Started Early – Took my Dog’ by Emily Dickinson personifies the sea. Dickinson depicts it as a lover and alludes to her speaker’s fears in regard to sex and love.

Love’s Philosophy

Before beginning ‘Love’s Philosophy’ is important to discuss the title. The term “philosophy” carries with it some heavy implications. The title implies

Home Thoughts From Abroad

With this poem, Home Thoughts From Abroad, Robert Browning puts himself in the position of one who has been away

After Prayers, Lie Cold

This poem, After Prayers, Lie Cold, was written by C.S. Lewis, a man little known for his poetry, but greatly known

I’m Nobody! Who are you?

‘I’m Nobody! Who are you?’ by Emily Dickinson reflects the poet’s emotions. It reveals her disdain for publicity and her preference for privacy.

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