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Jack Limebear

Jack is undertaking a degree in World Literature and joined the Poem Analysis team in 2019. Poetry is the intersection of his greatest passions, languages and literature, with his focus on translation bridging the gap.

Love Letter (Clouds)

Love Letter (Clouds) by Sarah Manguso explores the end of relationships, and how it can often seem like you’ve wasted


Diagnosis by Meena Alexander explores illness and the approach of death. Being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Alexander focuses on


Giverny by Ian Pople explores the beauty of nature, the poet reflecting on Giverny, France. The landscape is vast and

Going Wrong

Going Wrong by Jack Gilbert is a narrative poem that explores a man’s retreat into the wild. Having rejected society,

The Song Is You

The Song Is You by Marilyn Nelson explores love through the metaphor of musical instruments being played. When in love,


‘Duplex’ by Jericho Brown explores physical and mental abuse, looking at how memory can impact a person.

For the Time Being

For the Time Being by Carmen Bugan explores living through the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The poem touches on aspects of

The Bear

‘The Bear’ by Susan Mitchell explores the journey of a bear to hibernation, moving sleepily through the forest.

I Thought a Tree Dying

I Thought a Tree Dying by Sandra Doller is a philosophical poem in which the poet traces many lines of

Love, I’m Done with You

Love, I’m Done With You by Ross Gay explores a breakup, the poet realizing how bad their relationship was once


Twelve by Lynn Melnick focuses on the role of a parent, Melnick providing a better life for her daughter than

Winter Trees

Winter Trees by William Carlos Williams personifies deciduous trees, the poet watching them lose their leaves and go to sleep.

The Rest

The Rest by Jane Huffman explores sickness and pain, the poet conveying the reality of lung disease. Huffman focuses on

Ghosts (Homage to Burial)

Ghosts (Homage to Burial) by Emily Berry explores human connection, making an impact, and being important to others. The poem

August Morning

August Morning by Albert Garcia explores the serene moments of human life. Garcia focuses on a morning’s bliss: the smell,

The Flurry

The Flurry by Sharon Olds explores a couple discussing how they will tell their children about their divorce. Olds is


Hour by Reginald Gibbons explores one sleepless hour of the poet’s life. After breaking up with someone, he lies away


‘Things’ by Lisel Mueller explores loneliness, how humans have reacted to this emotion in the form of personifying their surroundings.

Blues for Almost Forgotten Music

Blues for Almost Forgotten Music by Roxanne Beth Johnson explores nostalgia for past relationships, thinking about fragments of something now

Movement Song

Movement Song by Audre Lorde explores the process of breaking up and moving on from a lost love. Lorde presents

Such Simple Love

Such Simple Love by Thomas McGrath explores human companionship, mutual love for the human race. McGrath examines a slumbering world,

Bullet Points

Bullet Points by Jericho Brown explores hate crimes in America, particularly looking at those of the police against Black Americans.

Old Men

‘Old Men’ by Kenneth Fearing explores the depiction of being old, but, still, have lots of hope for the future

A Dreaming Week

‘A Dreaming Week‘ by Carol Ann Duffy explores Duffy’s escape into fantasy, linked closely with her love of writing poetry.


Beautiful by Carol Ann Duffy explores the physical and mental damage that can come from beauty. Duffy traces four women:

The Map-Woman

‘The Map-Woman‘ by Carol Ann Duffy explores the inescapability of identity through the metaphorical depiction of the female body. The


‘Tall’ by Carol Ann Duffy explores the difficulty of social mobility for women, suggesting that they have trouble fitting in.


‘Loud‘ by Carol Ann Duffy explores the power of women’s voices, while also exposing the horrors of the modern world.

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