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Andrew Walker

Andrew joined the team back in November 2015 and has a passion for poetry. He has an Honours in the Bachelor of Arts, consisting of a Major in Communication, Culture and Information Technology, a Major in Professional Writing and a Minor in Historical Studies.

The Tale of Melon City by Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth’s famous work, ‘The Tale of Melon City,’ is well-known for being a humorous and almost child-like poem in the uniquely ridiculous nature of its story.

Fluctuations by Anne Brontë

As a poet and author, Anne Brontë (or Acton, as the gender-neutral name through which she published several works, this

Past Days by Anne Brontë

Nostalgia is a rather unique human expression. The idea of reflecting on events that took place within the past as

Liberty by Edward Thomas

Despite the wide array of themes and ideas present in his tragically small body of work, many view Edward Thomas

If This Be All by Anne Brontë

For Anne Brontë, as with so many others in nineteenth-century England, faith was an instrumental aspect of everyday life. Religion

Weekend Glory by Maya Angelou

‘Weekend Glory’ by Maya Angelou explores important themes of identity and happiness. She uses the weekend as a way to explore what’s truly “glorious” and what’s not.

Our Grandmothers by Maya Angelou

‘Our Grandmothers’ by Maya Angelou explores understanding and acceptance. It includes themes of family and relationships.

Human Family by Maya Angelou

‘Human Family’ by Maya Angelou expresses an incredibly relatable message about family. The poet speaks broadly about the world, unity, and how we are all connected to one another.

Savior by Maya Angelou

‘Savior’ by Maya Angelou is a thoughtful religious poem. It explores the past and present while emphasizes the changes that have occurred since Christ was crucified.

Belated Bard by Robert Service

There’s something notably comforting about a poem designed to rhyme and match syllables perfectly. There are so many forms of

Woman Work by Maya Angelou

‘Woman Work’ by Maya Angelou is a poem that celebrates women’s strength. It uses natural imagery to speak on this topic and various others.

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