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Kevin Ram

Kevin has a Ph.D. in English and half a decade of experience in teaching literature in Universities. Writing is a passion of his: professional, academic, and creative. He loves reading poetry, more so to critically analyze them. Kevin enjoys a special sense of accomplishment whenever he completes a literary analysis.

Telephone Conversation

‘Telephone Conversation’ is a poem written by Wole Soyinka, a renowned African writer in English. The poem exposes the presence of racial discrimination at the individual level in society even after the passing of laws against it.

Mother Tongue

‘Mother Tongue’ is, outwardly, a simple poem, but it houses profound emotions towards one’s native tongue. Padma Sachdev, an acclaimed

My Mother at Sixty-Six

‘My Mother at Sixty-Six’ is an emotional poem that describes a daughter’s feelings towards her mother. Kamala Das has written

Wind (translated by A. K. Ramanujan)

‘Wind’ by Subramania Bharati focuses on the incredible strength of the wind and uses it as a way to encourage men to be just as strong and capable as it is.


“Amulet” is a simple poem with profound thought by Ted Hughes. Hughes is remembered and celebrated to-date for the effective

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