Meghamitra Goswami Poetry Expert

Meghamitra Goswami

Meghamitra graduated with a degree in English Literature and has pursued a Masters degree to further her education. She has her own blog on literature and loves to analyze poetry on Poem Analysis.

Sonnet 68 by Edmund Spenser

‘Sonnet 68’ is a segment of Amoretti, a true love calendar that picturizes Spenser’s courtship and eventual marriage to Elizabeth Boyle.

Sonnet by 68 by Edmund Spenser Visual Representation

Sympathy by Charles Mackay

The poem ‘Sympathy,’ by the 19th-century Scottish poet Charles Mackay, is a unique way to differentiate the values of materialistic approach and humanitarian philanthropic one by juxtaposing two contradictory pictures.

Sympathy by Charles Mackay Visual Representation

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