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Miz Alb

Miz Alb received her MA in English Literature. Her thirst for literature makes her explore through the nuances of it. She loves reading and writing poetry. She teaches English Language and Literature to the ESL students of tertiary level.

Balloons by Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath’s ‘Balloons’ narrates her experience and perspectives of having the balloons around like a pet at home. She contrasts childhood with adulthood through the colorful balloons. The balloon when pops, takes the observer from the dream-like state of childhood to the harsh reality of adulthood.

Sonnet 227 by Petrarch

‘Sonnet 227’ is about “Love,” particularly “Unrequited love.” Petrarch expresses his deep love for Laura, her indifference towards his love, and the various contrasting emotions he undergoes in the poem.

A Prayer For My Son by William Butler Yeats

‘A Prayer for my Son,’ written from the perspective of a father who wants to protect his son against all odds during the brewing war in Ireland. Read the poem with a complete analysis.

Big Poppy by Ted Hughes

‘Big Poppy’ speak of what happens when a Poppy in its full bloom and a bumblebee meet in Ted Hughes’s usual style of writing.

Canary by Rita Dove

Rita Dove’s ‘Canary’ is a short poem that commemorates the life of Billie Holiday, an African American jazz singer.

The Mothering Blackness by Maya Angelou

‘The Mothering Blackness’ by Maya Angelou is a poem about motherhood and love. The poet uses unforgettable images within this piece that portray the complexities of relationships.

Essential Beauty by Philp Larkin

‘Essential Beauty’ is one of the poems of Philip Larkin that deals with the gap between the advertising world and the real world.

Mock Orange by Louise Glück

Mock orange is a deciduous shrub native to Southern Europe, resembles the orange blossoms. In the poem ‘Mock Orange,’ Louise

Michael by William Wordsworth

Financial ruin, a lost son, and hostile living conditions– these are some of the striking features of this sorrowful ballad. You may find yourself asking, how can one man maintain his values amid so many struggles?

A Light Exists in Spring by Emily Dickinson

‘A light exists in spring’ is about the light in spring that illuminates its surroundings. Though this poem is about nature, it has a deep religious connotation that science cannot explain.

Spring by William Blake

‘Spring’ by William Blake is a short lyric poem, first published in his collection Songs of Innocence (1789) and later

Today by Billy Collins

William James Collins, the Poet Laureate of the United States from 2001 to 2003, is a contemporary American poet. He

America by Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg’s ‘America’ deals with the turbulent times in America. It was written during and focused on the period after the Second World War.

I Find no Peace by Thomas Wyatt

Thomas Wyatt’s well-known sonnet ‘I Find no Peace’ describes the intense emotions and wavering moods that being in love can

Lapis Lazuli by W. B. Yeats

‘Lapis lazuli’, written on 25th July 1936 by W. B. Yeats was published in his “Last Poems”. The poem is

First Sight by Philip Larkin

‘First Sight’ by Philip Larkin is a beautiful lyric poem about the natural world. It focuses on the fact that life is impermanent.

Child by Sylvia Plath

‘Child’ by Sylvia Plath depicts the speaker’s concerns about motherhood. She hopes her child will have a better future than her own.

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