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Noor has an Honours in the Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English Literature and History. She teaches elementary and high school English, and loves to help students develop a love for in depth analysis, and writing in general. Because of her interest in History, she also really enjoys reading historical fiction (but nothing beats reading and rereading Harry Potter!). Reading and writing short stories and poetry has been a passion of hers, that she proudly carries from childhood.

A Bird That Was Most Used Up

‘A Bird That Was Most Used Up’ by Riyas Qurana is a four stanza poem about creativity. Here the poet illustrates himself and his creativity as an infinite source of greatness in his poetic writing

Save Our Sons (SOS)

‘Save Our Sons’ focuses on the struggle the African men of England have faced and continue to face against racism and violence.


‘Waterfalls’ by Vernon Watkins is an elegy written in free verse with four stanzas dedicated to the memories of the narrator.

The Death of Joy Gardner

‘The Death of Joy Gardner’ by Benjamin Zephaniah is a interesting narrative poem about an incident that took place in 1993.

Dis Poetry

‘Dis Poetry’ by Benjamin Zephaniah is a two stanza poem with the subject being the poem itself. It is an


‘Because’ by Sara Teasdale is a poem written in first person. This poem is an explanation or a confession of a lover as to where she stands in her relationship.

Fare Thee Well

‘Fare Thee Well’ by Lord Byron is a fifteen stanza poem written by Byron after separating from his wife in the early 1800s.


‘Surveillance’ by Riyas Qurana is a twenty four line free verse poem that discusses and highlights the claustrophobia that comes along with the concept of surveillance.

The Trees Are Down

‘The Trees Are Down’ by Charlotte Mew is a poem about her reaction to the cutting down of the great plane trees at Euston Square Garden in the 1920s.

Tea at Sunrise

‘Tea at Sunrise’ by Riyas Qurana is a free verse poem of eleven stanzas written in first person about a sunrise that is anticipated to flip life upside-down.

A Text About Reading The Letter

‘A Text About Reading The Letter’ by Riyas Qurana is a free verse poem with twelve stanzas dedicated to discussing a letter between a lover and his beloved. 


‘Skin’ by Philip Larkin speaks on the importance of a person’s identity. Specifically, he is concerned with the influence and biographical aspects of the skin.


‘Miscegenation’ by Roberta Skyes is a poem about identity and recognition. It focuses on a little girl who is yearning to find and know her father.


‘Location’ by Arthur Yap is a two stanza free verse poem about a person who is stuck in a rooted and stationary mundane routine that he wishes to escape.


‘Pipistrelle’ by Gillian Clarke is a short poem about hidden messages of a relationship that has gone cold and does not have a future.

The Birth of Shaka

‘The Birth of Shaka’ by Oswald Mtshali is a free verse poem about a South African warrior and ruler by the name of Shaka.


Passion by Kathleen Raine is an eight stanza poem written in the first person about heartbreak. In this poem, the

Family House

‘Family House’ by Gillian Clarke is a free verse poem written in the first person that consists of five stanzas.


‘Buzzard’ by Gillian Clarke is a poem about lost hopes, dreams, and opportunities revisited, using the metaphor of a buzzard and its skeleton.

The Cap and Bells

‘The Cap and Bells’ highlights that in situations of infatuation and love, one person sacrifices their existence just to be recognized and maybe even loved.


‘Babysitting’ by Gillian Clarke is a two stanza free verse poem about a babysitter who is having a hard time babysitting a child because of her own fears.

Dusting The Phone

‘Dusting The Phone’ by Jackie Kay is a a monologue of a woman yearning for a single phone call from the man she loves.

Honour Killing

‘Honour Killing’ by Imtiaz Dharker is a poem about the fight for freedom.The freedom of being able to express oneself.


‘Blessing’ by Imtiaz Dharker is about the importance of water in people’s lives. It uses imagery to depict how cricital this element is to survival.

What is it?

‘What is it?’, by Mary Majanja, is a riddle poem that forces the reader to examine the definition of beauty and what it means to be beautiful.

My Box

‘My Box’, by Gillian Clarke, explores the themes of relationships, strength, love and eternity in this poem with the metaphor of the box.

Timothy Winters

‘Timothy Winters’ by Charles Causley is a ballad written in the 1950s about a boy who was afflicted with misfortune. Here’s a complete analysis.

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