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Norman Sassoli

Norman Sassoli is an experienced poetry expert with over 18 years of writing and tutoring in Literature. With an MA in Literature and a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing, he has worked as an online tutor, educator, and academic research writer, specializing in poetry analysis and customized solutions for student development.

The Excursion by William Wordsworth

‘The Excursion’ by William Wordsworth reflects on industrialization’s impact, highlighting progress and environmental concerns within a changing landscape.

After the Battle by Victor Hugo

In ‘After the Battle,’ Victor Hugo explores compassion amid war, highlighting the moral strength of kindness despite betrayal.

Summer of Love by Joyce Kilmer

‘Summer of Love’ by Joyce Kilmer juxtaposes nature’s beauty with enduring love, celebrating the lasting joy of affection.

Spree by Maxine Kumin

Amid opulent bills and undersea dreams, Kumin’s ‘Spree’ unveils family conflicts and materialistic illusions with evocative language.

Around the Campfire by Emilie Pinet

Amidst scarlet flames and camaraderie, ‘Around the Campfire’ captures transformative connections. Vivid imagery illuminates rekindled friendships, binding souls in tranquility.

Thankful by Mandy Cidlik

Amidst omitted celebrations, ‘Thankful’ by Mandy Cidlik prompts reflection on life’s essence beyond material symbols, inviting genuine gratitude.

Thanksgiving by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest’s ‘Thanksgiving’ radiates familial warmth, intertwining laughter, gratitude, and time-honored traditions in shared gatherings.

Vitaï Lampada by Henry Newbolt

‘Vitaï Lampada’ contrasts cricket’s intensity with war’s chaos, urging courage and unity. Legacy of values endures.

Vain and Careless by Robert Graves

‘Vain and Careless’ exposes the superficiality and consequences of thoughtless actions, exploring the incompatibility of hearts in relationships.

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