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Dharmender is a writer by passion, and a lawyer by profession. He has has a degree in English literature from Delhi University, and Mass Communication from Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan, Delhi, as well as holding a law degree. Dharmender is awesomely passionate about Indian and English literature.

Samuel Palmer and Chagall

Samuel Palmer and Chagall is a poem about art, as it brings to us the paintings of two great artists,

The Building

‘The Building’ by Philip Larkin is an interesting piece about a mysterious and ambiguous building. Only a little is revealed through the poem.

Love’s Growth

The poem, ‘Love’s Growth’, is an admirable lyric in which Donne examines the true nature of love and finds that

The Apparition

The poem, ‘The Apparition’, by John Donne is one of those lyrics wherein the mood of the poet has been

The Shield of Achilles

‘The Shield of Achilles’ by W.H. Auden presents an episode from Homer’s epic poem “Iliad” innovatively. This poem creates an amalgamation of the classical world with the modern world for depicting the futility of the latter.

A Requiem

When you read Elizabeth’s poetry, you never know what kind of theme you are going to read in her poetry.

Night Garden of the Asylum

As already discussed in many analyses of Elizabeth Jennings’s poems that if you love and read Elizabeth, then you must

The Descendants

The poem, ‘The Descendants’, by Kamala Das is coloured with nihilism and shows that decadence is irrevocable and there is

The Witnesses

The poet, in the poem, ‘The Witnesses,’ or ‘The Two,’ says that inside a man’s body, there are two vital

The Convicts

The poem, ‘The Convicts’, by Kamala Das deals with the limitations of the life of lust. It is a purely

The Stone Age

In ‘The Stone Age’ by Kamala Das, a frustrated speaker blames her husband for ruining her life by his unappeasable lust. This poem is addressed to the husband in a satirical manner.

Poem in Winter

Elizabeth Jennings’ ‘Poem in Winter’ discusses the beauty and perfection of the snow. It sends a message to the adults who are afraid of snow falling.

This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison

Divided into three verse paragraphs, the poem This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison by S.T. Coleridge is a seventy-six lines poem,

The Love Poem

Duffy’s ‘The Love Poem’ is a collection of verses from other love poems, composed by poets like Shakespeare, Sidney, Donne, Shelley, Barrett and Browning.


The poem entitled Christabel consists of two parts. The first part of this poem was composed in 1797, and it

The Diaspora By W.H. Auden

‘The Diaspora’ is one of Auden’s celebrated sonnets. Originally it was part of a longer poem entitled New Year Letter


The poem, Fishermen, by Elizabeth Jennings orbits around two generations of fishermen; the first ones are the aged fishermen, while

Hurrahing in Harvest

The theme of Hurrahing in Harvest is an experience of union with Christ as he is alive and present in


The poem, Reminiscence, by Elizabeth Jennings is about experiencing love in childhood and adulthood. As the very title of the

Chinese Art

Elizabeth Jennings, through her simple diction and sensitive approach, has dealt with many different human emotions and thought in a

At Noon

Elizabeth Jennings is known for her simplicity of diction, her clarity of expression, and her deep insight into human emotions

The Caged Skylark

In the sonnet, The Caged Skylark, Hopkins makes an elaborate comparison between the human spirit and a skylark. There are

Constancy to an Ideal Object

‘Constancy to an Ideal Object’ leaves you to speculate as to which objects are most enjoyable in life. Though in

Good Friday

The poem, Good Friday, was composed in the year of 1862 and had its first publication in a book, named

The Wild Bougainvillea

The poem ‘The Wild Bougainvillea’ by Kamala Das is taken from the volume of poems Summer in Calcutta (1965). It

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