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Will created Poem Analysis back in 2015 and has a team of the best poetry experts helping him analyze poems from the past and present. Although he has a background in Automotive Engineering, having worked for McLaren testing supercars, Will has a keen eye for poetry and literature.


‘Nostalgia’ by Carol Ann Duffy explores the moment in which the term ‘Nostalgia’ was coined following the crusades of 17th-century Swiss mercenaries.

The Farrier

‘The Farrier’ by Owen Sheers portrays the story of a farrier attaching new shoes on a female horse. The poem


‘Inheritance’ is one of Sheers’ best-loved poems. This is due to the incredibly relateable subject matter as well as the way

Marking Time

Owen Sheer’s Marking Time is a sexual poem in which Sheers’ partner gets a carpet burn on her back from


Owen Sheers’ ‘Show’ explores two contrasting scenes: one of Sheers’ girlfriend entering the room and one of the models walking


‘Age’ by Philip Larkin explores the universality relatable theme of aging. He presents readers with his speaker’s concerns about his legacy.

Eden Rock

In the poem, Eden Rock, by Charles Causley the speaker, who is a poet himself, is shown imagining about his

I Said To Love

Thomas Hardy’s ‘I Said To Love’ is about love and the difficulties that love creates on people. This poem reveals a speaker’s agonized reaction to love.


‘Waterfall’ is a famous poem of the New Zealand poet Lauris Dorothy Edmond. This poem taps on the themes of love, death, time, and youth.

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