William Green Poetry Expert

William Green

Will created Poem Analysis back in 2015 and has a team of the best poetry experts helping him analyze poems from the past and present. Although he has a background in Automotive Engineering, having worked for McLaren testing supercars, Will has a keen eye for poetry and literature.

The Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation is the publisher of Poetry magazine, an award-winning publication that works to raise poetry to a more influential level in contemporary life.

Academy of American Poets – Poets.org

Poets.org is produced by the Academy of American Poets. They launched the website in 1996 as the first online source for poetry for all ages, as well as resources for teachers K-12.


Owlcation is a website created by experts on topics that range from literature to history and biology.


Shmoop markets itself as a platform that “moves education forward.”


CliffsNotes defines itself as the “original” and “most widely imitated” study guide.

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