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Ben Jonson was an English poet and playwright who had an important influence on English poetry. He is remembered for popularizing the comedy of humors and his work Every Man in His Humor. He is often mentioned alongside William Shakespeare in regard to his influence on the theatre. Read more about Ben Jonson.

Oh Do Not Wanton with Those Eyes

by Ben Jonson

‘Oh Do Not Wanton with Those Eyes’ by Ben Jonson is a short, interesting poem in which one person describes the effect another person’s eyes have on them. They suggest this person should avoid showing certain emotions, so they aren’t impacted.

This is a very interesting Ben Jonson poem but it is not one of those for which he is best-known. But, it does use his characteristic poetic style and some imagery (particularly eye imagery) that readers may be familiar with from his other, better-known poems.

O, Do not wanton with those eyes,

—Lest I be sick with seeing;

Nor cast them down, but let them rise,

—Lest shame destroy their being.

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