Bernard Dadié  Poems

Bernard Dadiê was an Ivorian novelist who also published poems, plays, and worked as an administrator. He died in 2019 and is remembered for his poetry collections in addition to his account of his time in prison, titled Carnets de prison, published in 1981. 

I Give You Thanks My God

by Bernard Dadié 

‘I Give You Thanks My God’ by Bernard Dadié describes the nature of blackness and the speaker’s gratitude for the strength to carry the world. 

Bernard Dadie's poem is a testament to his deep understanding and appreciation of African culture and identity. Through his words, he gives voice to the struggles, joys, and complexities of Black individuals, highlighting their unique experiences and perspectives. His poem is incredibly well-known and should be regarded as one of, if not the, best poem that he wrote throughout his career.

I give you thanks my God for having created me black

For having made of me

The total of all sorrows,

and set upon my head

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