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Explore the greatest poetry from the past and present. Here you’ll find the best poems of different poets, topics, categories and more to explore, learn about and read.

10 Dark Poems

On this list, readers can explore ten of the best poems ever written about dark, scary, and sorrowful themes from authors as different as Louise Glück and Edward Thomas.

10 Don’t Quit Poems

On this list, readers can explore ten of the best poems to maintain your motivation when times get tough from writers like Edgar Albert Guest and Rita Dove.

10 Excellent Ekphrastic Poems

From classical poets, Homer and Virgil to contemporary poets like U. A. Fanthorpe and Anne Carson turned on the ekphrastic mode and composed some of the most excellent poems that you’ve ever read!

10 Famous Short Love Poems

On this list you will find ten of the best-loved, and most famous, love poems ever written. When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats  This twelve-line poem is another on this list that uses natural imagery as a way to speak about beauty.

10 Heartfelt Poems about Depression 

These unforgettable poems about depression are all concerned with saddening experiences. They come from a wide range of poets with unique experiences.

10 Incredible Edgar Allan Poe Poems

Undoubtedly, Edgar Allan Poe is best known for his macabre short stories. But most lovers of poetry will certainly know at least a few of his better-known pieces of verse.

10 Incredible Poems of the Black Lives Matter Movement

On this list, readers will find ten incredible poems inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Some celebrate Black history, identity, and love while others mourn the loss of countless men and women, like Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

10 of Shakespeare’s Best Love Sonnets

The 10 poems on this list represent some of the best love sonnets that Shakespeare wrote. They are in honor of the Fair Youth, an unknown, beautiful young man.

10 of the Best Basketball Poems

On this list, readers will find ten of the best poems about basketball. They explore memories of youth, family, and friendships while at the same time celebrating the game.

10 of the Best Christian Poems

Christian poems date back centuries and can be found in a wide variety of styles. Poets as different as Maya Angelou and Robert Herrick have penned the best Christian poems

10 of the Best Claude McKay Poems

Below, readers can explore ten of the best poems written by Claude McKay. He is known today for his work written during the 1920s that expressed a unique perspective—that of a Black man in America, during that time. 

10 of the Best Cowboy Poems

Cowboy poems come in many shapes and forms but all have a few unifying features. This includes storytelling, a feeling of nostalgia, and an appreciation of the natural world.

10 of the Best D.H. Lawrence Poems

On this list, readers can find 10 of the best poems that D.H. Lawrence wrote throughout his career. These explore diverse themes, utilize various poetic techniques, and are sure to appeal to a wide audience.

10 of the Best Dad Poems from a Daughter

On this list are ten of the best poems to share with a dad from a daughter’s perspective. These ten poems show love, gratitude, and appreciation for everything a father does that often goes unnoticed. 

10 of the Best Dorothy Parker Poems 

Dorothy Parker is remembered as a skilled poet, humorist, and satirist. Throughout her life, she wrote dozens of incredible and often-studied poems.

10 of the Best Dr. Seuss Poems

Dr. Seuss is considered to be one of the most important writers of children’s literature of all time. His poems and stories are outrageous, surprising, and colorful.

10 of the Best Gothic Poems 

The incredible poems on this list represent some of the best examples of gothic poetry. They explore themes of death, the afterlife, emotional conflict, and loss.

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