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Explore the greatest poetry from the past and present. Here you’ll find the best poems of different poets, topics, categories and more to explore, learn about and read.

10 Poems That Will Make You Smile

What does it take to write uplifting and joyous poetry? Few poets have risen to the task as successfully as the ten on this list.

Happy poems

10 Spooky Halloween Poems

Halloween is celebrated each year in October. Here’s our pick of the best Halloween poems, that incorporate the spooky and the scary…

Best Halloween Poems

10 Touching Poems about Heartbreak 

On this list, readers can explore 10 of the best poems written about heartbreak. The poets take various approaches to this important, and nearly universal, subject matter.

Best Heartbreak Poems Visual Representation

10 Touching Poems about Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ remained the inspiration to several poets from as early as the middle age to modern times. The list explores ten different ways to explore Christ in poetic form.

Best Poems about Jesus Christ Visual Representation

12 Best Earth Day Poems

On this list, readers will find a few of the best poems to celebrate Earth Day by authors likes Emerson, Wordsworth, Dickinson, and Thoreau.

12 of the Best Poems About Birds

On this list, lovers of poetry and lovers of birds can find twelve of the best poems that represent both. These pieces celebrate the nature of various birds, from the nightingale to the raven, and the windhover.

12 of the Best Poems About Dreams

On this list, readers will find twelve of the best poems about dreams and dreaming. These present dreams as something positive— a form of escape and pleasure, and something negative— a space where unpleasant memories return.

12 of the Best Poems with Alliteration 

On this list, readers can explore twelve poems that utilize alliteration in different ways. These range in subject, period, and style, but each makes use of alliteration in an effective way. 

12 of the Best Poems with Alliteration Visual Representation

12 Poems about Change

Change affects everyone, whether it comes with time, with shifts in relationships, jobs, or one’s emotional state.

12 Raw Poems About Anxiety

On this list, readers will find 12 poems that explore various types of anxiety and other feelings that might be associated with it, like loneliness and alienation.

13 Blank Verse Poems 

On this list, readers will find thirteen incredible poems written in blank verse or unrhymed iambic pentameter.

15 Moving Poems about Slavery

Slavery has been a part of human history from the earliest times to the present day. At the same time, the voice against it is also recorded in history.

15 of the Best Poems about Rivers and Streams

The river has an important role from the early period of literary history. Moreover, River images used in literature are enduring, aesthetically appealing, often used to symbolize birth, rebirth, and eternity.

15 Short Funny Poems 

The funny poems on this list are outrageous, surprising, and hard to forget! While most were written with a younger audience in mind, they aren’t just for children.


Throughout history, some of the best writers across literary styles and movements have commented on what they think poetry is and should be. 

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