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Explore the greatest poetry from the past and present. Here you’ll find the best poems of different poets, topics, categories and more to explore, learn about and read.

9 Moving Poems about Family 

On this list are 9 of the best poems about families. Some are written from the perspective of fathers and mothers and others sons and daughters. 

Best Poems about Family Visual Representation

9 of the Best Pablo Neruda Love Poems

On this list, lovers of poetry will find nine of the best love poems ever written, and they all stemmed from the hand of Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda.

Best Deep Love Poems 

Throughout time, poets have penned deep love poems that touched the hearts of readers around the world. Some of the most effective are included on this list.

Best Deep Love Poems Visual Representation

Best Love Poems for a Girlfriend

On this list, discover some of the famous poems that can be expressed to girlfriends to express love in the most poetic of ways.

Best Poems Ever Written

Although what makes good poetry is always going to be up for debate, the poems on this list are generally agreed upon as some of the best ever written. 

Best Poems for Weddings 

Throughout history, poets have written about love, companionship, and the possibility of finding a soul mate. Below are a few poems that delve into these topics effectively.

Best poems for weddings visual representation

Best Poems with Metaphors 

Throughout the history of poetic language, there have been incredible examples of metaphors. On this list are a few of the most effective. 

Black History Poems

The arrival of February every year reminds us of black people and their sufferings in the foreign land. Though the slavery system has come to an end, the scar still remains afresh with history.

Carpe Diem Poems

Carpe Diem poems aim to instruct the readers or make them understand/celebrate the present than focusing on the past or future.

Top 10 Adrienne Rich Poems

On this list readers will find ten of the best Adrienne Rich poems. These pieces demonstrate her incredible originality and why she’s considered one of the most important poets of the 20th century.

Top 10 Emily Dickinson Love Poems

On this list, readers will find ten of the best Emily Dickinson love poems. These are just as complex as the rest of the poet’s work, reflecting her personal life and her perception of love.

Top 10 Greatest Love Poems

Poems can be about anything. They can be about war, nature, but when you hear the word poem the majority of us think about that most massive of emotions. Love.

Love poetry

Top 10 Maya Angelou Poems

On this list, readers can find ten of the best Maya Angelou poems. They are beautiful, thoughtful and evoke her contemporary moment.

Top 10 Oscar Wilde Poems

On this list, readers will find 10 of the best poems that Oscar Wilde wrote during his lifetime. They are thoughtful, complex, and evoke Wilde’s love for aestheticism.


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