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Top 10 Emily Dickinson Love Poems

On this list, readers will find ten of the best Emily Dickinson love poems. These are just as complex as the rest of the poet’s work, reflecting her personal life and her perception of love.

Top 10 Greatest Love Poems

Poems can be about anything. They can be about war, nature, but when you hear the word poem the majority of us think about that most massive of emotions. Love.

Top 10 Maya Angelou Poems

On this list, readers can find ten of the best Maya Angelou poems. They are beautiful, thoughtful and evoke her contemporary moment.

Top 10 Oscar Wilde Poems

On this list, readers will find 10 of the best poems that Oscar Wilde wrote during his lifetime. They are thoughtful, complex, and evoke Wilde’s love for aestheticism.

Top 16 of the Best Sylvia Plath Poems

Sylvia Plath is one of the most famous poets of the 20th century, and certainly one of the most tragic. Her poems are equal parts thoughtful and heartbreaking.

US Presidential Inaugural Poems

Over the course of American history, a tradition of inaugural poets writing poems to be read at presidential inaugurations has been born.

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