Boey Kim Cheng Poems

Boey Kim Cheng is a Singaporean-Australian poet who won the National University of Singapore Poetry Writing/Creative Prose Competition when he was a student. He also received the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award for his highly regarded work. Some, consider him the best poet Singapore has produced.


by Boey Kim Cheng

‘Reservist’ describes the repetitive nature of war and the preparations that go into arming reserve soldiers and preparing them for battle.

Boey Kim Cheng's poem showcases a unique perspective on the human experience. Through his words, he explores themes of time, duty, and the cyclical nature of life. His use of language and evocative metaphors invites readers to ponder the complexities of existence. Cheng's poetry, generally, is marked by introspection and a deep sense of observation, as is seen in this poem, allowing readers to glimpse into the poet's inner world and contemplate their own place in the universe.

Time again for the annual joust, the regular fanfare,

a call to arms, the imperative letters stern

as clarion notes, the king's command, upon

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