Bruce Weigl Poems

Bruce Weigl is an American poet known for his powerful and introspective works that explore themes of war, trauma, and healing. His poetry often draws from his experiences as a combat soldier in the Vietnam War, offering raw and poignant reflections on the human condition and the lasting impact of conflict.

Weigl’s writing delves into personal narratives, memory, and the complexities of emotions, leaving a lasting impression on readers.


by Bruce Weigl

‘Home’ by Bruce Weigl is a wistfully honest poem that narrates the emotionally profound experience of returning home.

This is quite a moving poem by Bruce Weigl that touches on an exceptionally universal idea about home. It beautifully uses imagery to illustrate all the complex and confused feelings the speaker has about their return. The result is a poignant poem that is relatable to a variety of readers and communicates its theme with powerful emotional clarity.

I didn't know I was grateful

for such late-autumn

bent-up cornfields

yellow in the after-harvest

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