C. K. Williams

C.K. Williams was an American poet born in 1936. He has been described as one of the most influential undistinguished poets of his generation. He published several collections of poems, translations, and more. His poetic lines are characteristically long and have been described as prose-like.

Alzheimer’s: The Wife

‘Alzheimer’s: The Wife’ by C. K. Williams is a powerful and moving poem. In it, the poet depicts a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s and a few simple moments from her day.

Alzheimer's: The Wife by C. K. Williams Visual Representation

From My Window

‘From My Window’ by C.K. Williams is a memorable poem about human suffering. It contrasts the difficulties two homeless men face with the speaker’s relative safety behind the glass of his window. 

From My Window by C.K. Williams Visual Representation

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