Carl Sandburg Poems

Carl Sandburg was a Swedish-American author who won three Pulitzer Prizes throughout his lifetime and is widely regarded as a literary genius. He is remembered today as one of the most important figures in contemporary literature. One of his best-known works is Chicago Poems, published in 1916. Read more about Carl Sandburg.

To Beachey, 1912

by Carl Sandburg

‘To Beachey, 1912‘ by Carl Sandburg is a poem that expresses the author’s appreciation for aviation. The main character of the poem is flying in an airplane, and from high up, he is able to really appreciate the beauty of the blue sky.

'To Beachy, 1912' is a notable example of Carl Sandburg's poetry, characterized by its directness, vivid imagery, and celebration of modernity and technological progress. The poem captures early aviation's excitement and beauty while exploring larger themes of bravery, passion, and the human spirit of adventure.

Riding against the east,

A veering, steady shadow

Purrs the motor-call

Of the man-bird

A Dream Girl

by Carl Sandburg

‘A Dream Girl’ by Carl Sandburg is a romantic poem that expresses the author’s hope that he will one day find the woman of his dreams.


by Carl Sandburg

‘Chicago’ written by Carl Sandburg is a poem of admiration and self-defense. It was published in his collection ‘Chicago Poems.’

Flash Crimson

by Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg’s ‘Flash Crimson’ is an emotionally charged, devotional poem where a speaker is eager to ask God for more hardships. It deals with the themes of devotion, morality, legacy, and the afterlife.


by Carl Sandburg

‘Fog’ by Carl Sandburg is a poem that expresses the author’s appreciation for the little events that occur in nature. The poem characterizes the fog as a graceful cat, which endears it in the eye of the reader.

from The People, Yes

by Carl Sandburg

‘The People, Yes’ is a poem on Abraham Lincoln. Here, the poet talks about his leadership, and how he stood firm against the socio-political problems of his time.


by Carl Sandburg

In ‘Grass,’ Sandburg’s speaker encourages the reader to remember the past, especially the parts that are the most difficult to

Jazz Fantasia

by Carl Sandburg

In ‘Jazz Fantasia’ Carl Sandburg conveys his feelings about the rise of jazz music and Black culture in America.


by Carl Sandburg

‘Killers’ by Carl Sandburg is a six stanza poem that is separated into uneven sets of lines. All of the

Old Timers

by Carl Sandburg

‘Old Timers’ by Carl Sandburg speaks on the nature of war. Sandburg alludes to the ways in which history repeats itself no matter which country or time period one is in. 


by Carl Sandburg

‘Passers-by’ by Carl Sandburg describes the emotions interpreted and the sights seen by speaker after a walk through the streets of a city. 

Prayers of Steel

by Carl Sandburg

‘Prayers of Steel’ by Carl Sandburg is an original poem. In it, the poet focuses on the imagined dreams of steel.


by Carl Sandburg

‘Skyscraper’ is about the monumental modern wonder that, according to poet Carl Sandburg, “has a soul.” It’s the people working there who keep the frame of steel and mortar alive.

Theme in Yellow

by Carl Sandburg

‘Theme in Yellow’ is a short poem by Carl Sandburg published in his collection ‘Chicago Poems’ under the title “Fogs

Under the Harvest Moon

by Carl Sandburg

‘Under the Harvest Moon’ by Carl Sandburg compares autumn and summer in ways to represent people in two different periods of life.


by Carl Sandburg

‘Wilderness’ by Carl Sandburg describes the animalistic, spiritual life forces that reside inside one man’s body and the abilities he gained from them. 

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