Caroline Norton Poems

Caroline Norton was born in 1808 in London and remembered today as a poet and social reformer. She wrote numerous poetry collections including The Sorrows of Rosalie: A Tale with Other Poems, I Do Not Love Thee, and The Cold Change. She was also the author of political pamphlets like A Letter to the Queen on Lord Chancellor Cranworth’s Marriage & Divorce Bill. Read more about Caroline Norton.

I Was Not False To Thee

by Caroline Norton

‘I Was Not False to Thee’ by Caroline Norton is a poem about loneliness and a speaker’s feelings of unequal treatment.

Caroline Norton was a prominent English poet and social reformer in the 19th century. 'I Was Not False To Thee' demonstrates Norton's ability to convey emotional depth and evoke empathy through her poetic expressions. Her work reflected the societal constraints and gender roles of her time, giving voice to personal experiences and the struggles faced by women in Victorian society. This is a good example of her verse that should be counted among her best.

I was not false to thee, and yet

My cheek alone looked pale;

My weary eye was dim and wet,

My strength began to fail.

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