Cecília Meireles Poems

Cecilia Meireles was a Brazilian poet who is today regarded as one of the best writers in the Portuguese language. She is also considered to be the best female poet from Brazil. She was a contributor to many Brazilian periodicals and worked on translations in addition to her own poetry collections. 

The Gates of Midnight

by Cecília Meireles

‘The Gates of Midnight’ is about death. It explores images of the afterlife and suggests that humanity has nothing to fear from leaving this life behind.

Meireles's poetry is known for exploring themes of spirituality, nature, and the human experience. In 'The Gates of Midnight,' Meireles explores the idea of the afterlife and what happens after we die. She uses vivid imagery to create a beautiful and peaceful picture of the afterlife. Meireles's poetry often evokes a sense of wonder and mystery, and this is seen very successfully in this poem.

The angels come to open the gates of midnight,

at the very moment when sleep is deepest

and silence most pervasive.

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