Cesare Pavese Poems

Cesare Pavese was an Italian novelist who is also remembered for his poetry, short stories, and essays. Today, he is regarded as one of the most important Italian writers of the twentieth century. He described his own poetry as “an attempt to express a crust of fantastic associations” that make up one’s impressions of reality.  

Passion For Solitude

by Cesare Pavese

Passion for Solitude by Cesare Pavese explores the end of a day, with a man watching the world become quiet

Cesare Pavese was an Italian poet who is better remembered as a novelist. His poems often deal with themes of alienation, solitude, and the struggle to find meaning in life. 'Passion for Solitude' is a perfect example of his work, in which he explores the idea of finding contentment and peace in being alone.

I’m eating a little supper by the bright window.

The room’s already dark, the sky’s starting to turn.

Outside my door, the quiet roads lead,

after a short walk, to open fields.

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