Charles Bukowski Poems

Charles Bukowski was a German-American poet who also wrote short stories and novels. He was continually influenced by the lives of ordinary Americans, alcohol, and the culture around him. He was often referred to as the “king of the underground” during his lifetime and his poetry collections include Maybe Tomorrow and Crucifix in a Deathhand. 


by Charles Bukowski

‘Bluebird’ by Charles Bukowski is a forty-six line poem which has been separated into two stanzas, one containing fifteen lines,

Like A Flower In The Rain

by Charles Bukowski

Bukowski’s ‘Like A Flower In The Rain’ is a clear-cut poem describing the odd lovemaking of a couple. Bukowski does not shy away from noting their raw conversation in the text.

Love & Fame & Death

by Charles Bukowski

‘Love & Fame & Death’ by Charles Bukowski is a short, complex poem that speaks on the power, or lack thereof, that love, fame and death have in life.

no help for that

by Charles Bukowski

‘no help for that’ by Charles Bukowski explores the notion that achievements are never enough to completely make one happy.

The Crunch

by Charles Bukowski

‘The Crunch’ is a moving poem filled with memorable descriptions of society’s lost men and women and our treatment of one another. 

The Laughing Heart

by Charles Bukowski

‘The Laughing Heart’ by Charles Bukowski urges the reader to take control of their own life, seizing opportunities and making

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