Charles Mungoshi Poems

Charles Mungoshi (1947-2019) was a renowned Zimbabwean writer known for his contributions to African literature. His works explored themes of identity, culture, and social issues, capturing the complexities of post-colonial Zimbabwe.

Mungoshi’s writing style was characterized by poetic language and vivid storytelling, earning him critical acclaim and numerous awards throughout his career.

Close Shave

by Charles Mungoshi

‘Close Shave’ explores the fragility of life by highlighting the myriad dangers that surround us every moment of our lives.

The poem showcases Mungoshi's style brilliantly as it demonstrates his sensitivity to the everyday and the mundane. It also captures the sense of paranoia and unease that permeates through much of his work.

A plane roars above

rattling the loose sheets of the roof.

Clearly he hears the click-click

of the barber’s cold shears

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