Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman

Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman was an American writer who is commonly regarded as one of the country’s first feminists. She wrote on themes of women’s rights and women’s strength and published collections such as In This Our World. She also published Women and Economics and Human Work.  

The Housewife

‘The Housewife’ by Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman describes the day to day life of a housewife and the circular, unchanging elements of that life. 

To the Indifferent Women

‘To the Indifferent Women’ is a piece directed at those that take for granted their happy lives and do nothing to help those that are in need of love and peace.

To the Young Wife

‘To the Young Wife’ by Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman is a short piece about the choices made by women and how one is to lead her best life.