Charlotte Mew Poems

Charlotte Mew was an English poet who was born in 1869 and spent much of her life grappling with loss and illness. She published her first poems in her mid-20s and also published several short stories. Her work is well-regarded for its honesty and lack of pretension. 

A Quoi Bon Dire

by Charlotte Mew

‘A Quoi Bon Dire’ by Charlotte Mew, explores the process of aging and deals with topics such as loss and death. Here’s a complete analysis.

Fin de Fête

by Charlotte Mew

Fin de Fête by Charlotte Mew is a love poem that depicts the depths and the sorrows of thwarted love.

I so liked Spring

by Charlotte Mew

‘I so liked Spring’ by Charlotte Mew is a two-stanza work that uses the immature stance of the narrator’s romantic interest.


by Charlotte Mew

Charlotte Mew is a lesser-known poet of the 19th century, nonetheless, her poem ‘Rooms’ is a wonderful example of that

The Trees Are Down

by Charlotte Mew

‘The Trees Are Down’ by Charlotte Mew is a poem about her reaction to the cutting down of the great plane trees at Euston Square Garden in the 1920s.

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