Chinua Achebe Poems

Chinua Achebe was a Nigerian novelist and poet who is also remembered for his work as a professor and critic. His masterpiece, Things Fall Apart, is read in classrooms around the world and is the most widely read book in modern African literature. 


by Chinua Achebe

‘Answer’ by Chinua Achebe portrays a persona shedding off insecurities about his homeland. He stops comparing it to that of his colonizers, seeing it as the vibrant place it always was.

Chinua Achebe's poem showcases his profound understanding of human experiences, particularly within the African context. His poetry, like this piece alludes to, often addresses themes of identity, culture, and the impact of colonialism. Achebe's poetic style is characterized by his allusions and incredibly powerful language.

I broke at last

the terror-fringed fascination

that bound my ancient gaze

to those crowding faces

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Air Raid

by Chinua Achebe

‘Air Raid’ by Chinua Achebe is a poem that provides a glimpse into the Nigerian/Biafran Civil War using symbolism and dark humor.

Achebe's poem showcases his preoccupation with his native Nigeria and, like much of his work, contains a satirical edge.

It comes so quickly

the bird of death

from evil forests of Soviet technology

A man crossing the road

Love Cycle

by Chinua Achebe

‘Love Cycle’ by Chinua Achebe describes sunrise, sunset, and their effects on Earth using the metaphor of a barely happy couple.


by Chinua Achebe

‘Vultures’ is one of the famous poems of the Nigerian poet Chinua Achebe. It is a dark and somber piece that focuses on the Belsen concentration camp and a commandant who works there.

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