D.H. Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence Poems

D.H. Lawrence was an English writer and one of the most important poets and novelists of the 20th century. His work often explored the increasingly detrimental effects of industrialization and its influence on morality. His novels include Sons and Lovers and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Read more about the English writer and D.H. Lawrence’s best poems.

A Winter’s Tale

by D.H. Lawrence

‘A Winter’s Tale’ by D.H. Lawrence tells a tale of two parting lovers who meet in the woods on a dark and misty winter day. 

Beautiful Old Age

by D.H. Lawrence

Beautiful Old Age is a poem in which Lawrence imagines a world in which old age is truly revered and hoped for, & describes what that world would feel like.

Bei Hennef

by D.H. Lawrence

Lawrence’s ‘Bei Hennef’ describes the effect twilight has to clear a speaker’s mind and make him see the strength of his love. 


by D.H. Lawrence

‘Humming-bird’ by D.H. Lawrence is a five stanza poem that is separated into two quatrains, or sets of four lines,

Love on the Farm

by D.H. Lawrence

‘Love on the Farm’ by D.H. Lawrence is a poem about the universality of love, passion, and death. Lawrence depicts these elements through the various lives observable on a farm.


by D.H. Lawrence

‘Perfidy’ by D.H. Lawrence describes a speaker’s depression over what he considers a betrayal on the part of the woman he loves. 


by D.H. Lawrence

‘Piano’ by D.H. Lawrence is a powerful and emotional poem about the past. It uses childhood memories and nostalgia to move the reader.


by D.H. Lawrence

Pomegranate by D. H. Lawrence explores love and the loss of love through connection with the metaphor of a pomegranate.


by D.H. Lawrence

‘Snake’ by D.H. Lawrence is a sixteen stanza poem that is separated into stanzas of varying lengths. Some of these

The White Horse

by D.H. Lawrence

‘The White Horse’  is one of D.H. Lawrence’s shortest poems. But, at only three lines long it is still able

Winter in the Boulevard

by D.H. Lawrence

‘Winter in the Boulevard’ by D.H. Lawrence describes the coming of the winter frost and the perilous position it places all life on the boulevard.


by D.H. Lawrence

‘Winter-Lull’ by D.H. Lawrence describes a snow covered battlefield and the silence plaguing a group of soldiers during WWI. 

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