Daljit Nagra Poems

Daljit Nagra is a contemporary British poet who is born in 1966. He won the Forward Prize for a best single poem for ‘Look We Have Coming to Dover!’ His collections include Tippoo Sultan’s Incredible White-Man Eating Tiger-Toy Machine!!! which was shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize. 

Parade’s End

by Daljit Nagra

‘Parade’s End’ was published in the British poet Daljit Nagra’s debut collection “Look We Have Coming to Dover!” published in 2007. This poem taps on the themes of racism and the suffering of Asian immigrants in the UK in the 20th century.

Singh Song!

by Daljit Nagra

‘Singh Song!’ is a good choice of title – Singh is the name of the narrator of this poem, which

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