Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poems

Dante Gabriel Rossetti was an English poet and artist who is remembered as one of the leaders of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. His collections include Poems, Ballads and Sonnets, and Sonnets and Lyrical Poems. His art and writing influenced the European Symbolists and was an important precursor to Aestheticism.

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Autumn Song

by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

‘Autumn Song’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti describes the pains experienced by nature at the end of autumn and how these pains are translated to humankind.


by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

‘Sonnet LXXVII’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti concerns aestheticism, or the manifestations of Beauty, as a form of religious obsession.

Sudden Light

by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

‘Sudden Light’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti describes a speaker’s moments of recollection when faced with an emotional scene involving someone he loves.

The Blessed Damozel

by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

‘The Blessed Damozel’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti is a ballad that is dedicated to the love between a woman trapped in heaven and a man stuck on Earth. 

The blessed Damozel lean'd out From the gold bar of Heaven: Her blue grave eyes were deeper much Than a deep water, even.

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