Delmira Agustini Poems

Delmira Agustini was born in 1866 in Uruguay. She began writing when she was 10 years old, and her first books were published only a few years later. She’s regarded as part of the literary movement known as the Generation of 1900. Agustini is known for writing about female sexuality and saw Rubén Darío as an influence.

In the Light of the Moon

by Delmira Agustini

‘In the Light of the Moon’ by Delmira Agustini explores the power of the moon. The speaker is drawn to the moon due to its white innocence and its power to soothe her soul.

Delmira Agustini's poetry is characterized by its bold exploration of sexuality and desire. Her poems often center on the female experience, and she is known for using sensual language and vivid imagery to convey intense emotions. 'In the Light of the Moon' is a prime example of Agustini's style, as it explores the passion and longing that can exist between two lovers.

The moon is pallid and sad, the moon is bloodless and cold.

I imagine the half-moon as a profile of the dead ...

And beyond the rekilled and praised pallor

Of Arab pearls, I prefer the rose in recent bud.


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