Dorothy Parker Poems

Dorothy Parker was an American poet who also worked as a critic and satirist. She is well-remembered for her witty writing and her ability to point out the absurd foibles of contemporary society. During the 1920s, she published around 300 poems in publications like Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. 

Some of the best Dorothy Parker poems include the likes of The Choice,’ But Not Forgotten,’ Resumé,’ and A Dream Lies Dead.’ 

Autumn Valentine

by Dorothy Parker

‘Autumn Valentine’ by Dorothy Parker reveals two moments in the scope of the narrator’s pain — one when the pain was new and one when it had endured for a time in the shadows.

But Not Forgotten

by Dorothy Parker

‘But Not Forgotten’ by Dorothy Parker speaks to the impact of one person’s memory on their past romantic partner. 


by Dorothy Parker

‘Inventory’ by Dorothy Parker is a thoughtful and entertaining poem. It outlines what the speaker has in her life, would be wiser to know, better off without, and more.

On Being a Woman

by Dorothy Parker

‘On Being a Woman’ is a humorous short poem about the poet’s unpredictable mind. This poem highlights how the poet thinks about love.

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